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Arri Alexa PlusARRI128GB SXS, 2x32GB SXS, SXS READER, PL/EF mount250eCan include leather/wooden handles, dovetail plate for tripod, AC adapterGRIZZLY
Zeiss CP2 set EFZEISSHARDCASE150E15, 25, 35, 50, 85, 135PARTNER
Dwarf Connection Wireless KITDWARF CONNECTTION1 transmitter, 2 receivers, sdi/hdmi cables, magic arm, hardcase (x2)50eSDI-HDMI, 300m rangeGRIZZLY
Konivision 24" video assistKONIVISION50e2xSDI in/out, 1xHDMI in, PIP/switch source, headphones, volume on front panelGRIZZLY
PDMOViE AIR PRO 3 WIRELEESS FOLLOW FOCUS KITPDMOVIEhardcase, 1 master motor, 1 focus module, 2x geared focus ring, 3 erasable focus mark ring, dtap cables, 4 batteries, charger50e20 hour autonomy per battery for TX, 200m rangeGRIZZLY
Video Devices PIX-E5 SDIVIDEO DEVICES4k hdmi-sdi recorder, hardcase, dtap cable, ac cables, 2x500GB SSD25eRecords up to 4k 12bit 4444 PRORES and DNxHD, FHD touchscreen, can include NPF battsGRIZZLY
Blackmagic Pocket 4kBLACK MAGICCamera, cage, powerjunkie, NPF batteries, metabones EFxMFT, 2x128GB SDXC50eoptional handheld rig, 1tb SSD usb-CGRIZZLY
Arri L7c [3 pcs]ARRILight, barndoors25eGRIZZLY
Arri Studio 1k tungsten [2 pcs]ARRILight, barndoors15eGRIZZLY
Arri Plus 650w tungsten [4 pcs]ARRILight, barndoors10eGRIZZLY
Dedolight DLH-4 150w tungsten [8 pcs]DEDOLIGHTLight, barndoors, ballast.10eSoftcase for 4 pieces, dedo clamp, kupo lightstands, sandbagsGRIZZLY
Litepanels Astra 1x1 [4 pcs]LITEPANELSFlight case, light stands, gold mount battery, charger, AC adapter, Dtap cable15e single /50e kitSingle / kit of 4 LED 1x1 ft panels, bicolor, dimmable, battery powered. Swit 95wh AB.GRIZZLY
Sennheiser G4 kit [4 pcs]SENNHEISERTransmitter, receiver, hardcase, XLR/lock 3.5mm jack cable15eSingle / kit of 4 G4 kits, AA batteries, optional lav mics [TRAM, SANKEN, COUNTRYMAN]GRIZZLY
Swit 260Wh V-Mount [4 pcs]SWITV-mount Brick, d-tap charger10eSingle / kit of 4 260wh batteries, optional swit quad charger BOX, 4pin XLR outputGRIZZLY
Swit 140wh V-Mount [2 pcs]SWITV-mount Brick, d-tap charger5eSingle / kit of 2 140wh batteries,, optional SWIT dual-chargerGRIZZLY
Arnold & Richter 200w HMIARRIHMI head, ballast, barndoors10e200w HMI kit with ballast, optional avenger stands, conversion/diffusion filtersGRIZZLY
Zeiss ZE 21/35/50/85 EF kitZEISSSingle or kit15e single / 50e kit21mm F2.8, 35mm F2, 50mm F1.4, 85mm F1.4 EF MOUNT, manual focus, electronic apertureGRIZZLY
TVLogic 7" SDI monitorTVLOGICMonitor, v-mount battery5eGRIZZLY
Feelworld 7" HDMI SDIFEELWORLDMonitor, NPF batteries5e1080p, HDMI IN/OUT, SDI IN/OUT, loopthroughGRIZZLY
Sennheiser AVX KITSENNHEISERLAV KIT, charger10eAVX Digital kit, receiver is XLR, XLR to 3.5mm jack cable, optional MKE2 lav / other lavsGRIZZLY
Sanken COS-11D [2 pcs]SANKENLav mic, case, wind protection10eSennheiser connectorGRIZZLY
Countryman B3 [5 pcs]COUNTRYMANLav mic, case, wind protection10eSennheiser connectorGRIZZLY
TRAM TR50 [2 pcs]TRAMLav mic, case, wind protection5eSennheiser connectorGRIZZLY
Sennheiser MKE-2SENNHEISERLav mic, case, wind protection10eSennheiser connectorGRIZZLY
Rode NTG-3RODEMic, case15erequires 48v phantom powerGRIZZLY
Rycote WS4 BlimpRYCOTEBlimp, deadcat10eGRIZZLY
Sound Devices MIXPRE 6 IISOUND DEVICESMixer, batteries, power adapter35e6 channel mixer with 4 hybrid inputs, 32bit recordingGRIZZLY
Sound Devices MM-1 PreampSOUND DEVICESPreamp, batteries10e12T, 24v, 48v power, up to 66db boost, headhphone monitorGRIZZLY
Sennheiser MKH-416SENNHEISERMic, case20erequires 48v phantom powerGRIZZLY
Sony style NPF-970 Battery [26 pcs]DIGITAL POWER2.5eoptional dual charger / swit quad fast chargerGRIZZLY
Arri F5 dual follow focusARRIFollow focus10eGRIZZLY
SWIT NPF QUAD fast-chargerSWITCharger, 4 NPF plates5eFast simultaneous quad chargerGRIZZLY
TERADEK BOLT PROTERADEK1TX, 2 RX, hardcase, dtap cables, SDI cables35eFULL Teradek kitPARTNER
Steadicam PilotTIFFENSoftcase, sled, arm, vest, 7" monitorCALL FOR INFOFull Steadicam Pilot kit, HDMI/SDIGRIZZLY
NANLITE PAVOLITESNANLITE2x 3FT tubes, soft case, dtap power, mounting clamps25eRGB/Bicolor/FX astera-like tubes, internal battery, optional Dtap power cable, grid, remoteGRIZZLY
Multiple accessories available, battery plates, rigs, rods, clamps, light stands, rigging misc. If we don't have it, we know someone who does. Don't hesitate to give us a call.
For more information call 0749923778 or e-mail
Bebob NPF dummy with DTAPSamsung Laser Wireless Printer
Manfrotto Clamp [14 pcs]Saeco Automatic Coffee Machine
Avenger Cine Stand 3,8m [4 pcs]Goal Zero Yeti 400 solar generator
Dtap to 2 pin lemo [teradek]Goal Zero Yeti 150 solar generator [2 pcs]
Dtap to 4 pin lemo [sound devices]Goal Zero various solar panels for YETI
Dtap to DC 2.5 [universal]Goal Zero Sherpa 50 laptop battery extender and USB power bank
Dtap to DC 2.5 locking pin [sound devices, video devices]Goal Zero Sherpa 100 laptop battery extender and USB power bank
Dtap to XLR 4 pinOptoma 3000 nit fullHD projector
SWIT 4pin to 3pin XLRLG LED 800nit HD projector
3 pin XLR to ARRI 2pin (5m)30m HDMI cable
Dtap to 2xUSB10/15m SDI cable
Blackmagic DTAP to 2 pin [pocket 4k/6k]30M Cable Single Socket 5 pin 16a/Schuko [4 pcs]
AC to DTAP (max 150w)Manfrotto Tripod for Alexa / heavy load up to 18kg payload
ARRI Alexa power adapter (3pin XLR - 2 pin ARRI)Miliboo Tripod up to 8.7kg payload
Rycote Microphone support coldshoe or [3/8" or 1/4"]
Smallrig Microphone support coldshoe or [3/8" or 1/4"]
Sony K1M hotshoe adapter for 2 XLR inputs with phantom power and individual control

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